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What to Do in Bandung

Nestled between three mountains, Bandung is well known for its cool calming weather, similar to that of places in higher altitudes. That’s also probably a reason why Bandung is commonly referred to ‘Paris van Java’ for its rich heritage in arts and culture. With millions of tourists flocking here every year, just what is really there to see in Bandung?

1. Tangkuban Perahu

Approximately around two hours drive from Bandung, you will arrive at Mount Tangkuban Perahu. As for local people of Indonesia, the story behind Mount Tangkuban Perahu about strong young man who fell in love with his own mother is widely spread which makes this place is always crowded with visitors. An overturned boat is what they called.

There are also a lot of activities here such as enjoying the beautiful views of the craters, hiking along pines tree and tea plantation, and having a hot water therapy at the top of the mountain.

2. Kawah Putih

White crater with a transquil atmosphere created from a sulphuric lake with large rocks on the shore is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Surrounded by dreamy views, glaring whiteness over the landscape, Kawah Putih showing off its beauty both to local or foreign visitors.

Therefore, this place also offers you a beautiful spot for photography. Don’t forget to bring or wear a mask since the sulfur smell might bother you. Nothing to worry about the sulfur. It is still safe to keep roaming around the white crater.

3.Dusun Bambu

An open to public place with a lot of things to do at the leisure park at the foot of the mountain. An unique interior and exterior design are not to be missed. Gigantic bamboo at the entrance will welcomes you. Beside that, this place also have its own café as the perfect spot to chill.

Let the cool mountain breeze touch the warmth of your cheeks while having a satisfying meal at the café. A close touch with nature, sharing the sweetness of life with the family, Dusun Bambu is truly one of the best things to do.

4.Saint Peter’s Cathedral

An important landmark of the city, St. Peters Cathedral is one of the most famous Bandung tourist attractions. Built in the early 20th century, St Peter's Cathedral serves as a neo-gothic-style Catholic church. If you are interested in photography, St. Peters Cathedral is a great placeto take some interesting and beautiful pictures.

The interior is small but just as impressive as the exterior and has a great atmosphere you can immerse yourself in. The structure’s convenient location at the heart of the city means it is not only an essential stop for architecture enthusiasts, but can be accessed by all. Be sure to step inside and observe the quiet and peace away from the bustling noise and activity of the city.

5. Bandung Zoological Garden

Bandung Zoo also known as Bandung Zoological Garden is located in Bandung. It was created in 1933 when two existing zoos in the city (Cimindi zoo and Dago Atas zoo) were combined and moved to the current location on Taman Sari street. This place is very popular for the locals as it is suitable for people of all ages. A lot of activities can be found here. The highlights are boat rides, camel ride, elephant ride, animal theatre, interesting spots for photography, and many more!

6. Paris Van Java

When you travel to Bandung, do not forget to visit the biggest shopping mall in the city, featuring a mix of western and eastern shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Paris Van Java has a unique style, instead of being housed in a single building, many shops are independent structures on the ground floor, following a market theme.

The mall offers an extensive range of different services, such as a cinema, playground, and ice rink. You will get the Paris vibes in this place.

7. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park is one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world, also one of the top attraction site in Bandung. Welcome to the entertainment site, the world of magic. Brings your dream come to life. Enjoy a lot of exciting rides and entertainment with the famous broadway style. Come here with your family or your beloved ones. It will be an unforgettable memories.

8. Farm House Lembang

The first European theme attraction in Indonesia? Yes, it is called Farm House Lembang. The place originally created to promote Lembang’s local fresh milk. While strolling around Farm House Bandung, a cup of delicious fresh milk is ready to serve.

This place gains its popularity nowdays due to the uniqueness. Farm House Lembang combines elements of modern and imaginative tourism with nature, making it the perfect destination for a short trip.

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