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What to Do in Batam

Batam is just across the water from Singapore, so if you are looking for a weekend break to Indonesia then this is a great place to come. Once you are there you can enjoy a huge range of activities far more cheaply than in many other parts of Southeast Asia

1. Nuvasa Sea Forest Adventure

A recreational destination located in Nongsa, Batam. Sea Forest Adventure offers exciting experiences and things to do for families, friends, corporate gatherings, and many more. Sea Forest Adventure is divided into nature, adventure, and survival which are suitable for all ages.

Water and land-based activities including archery, flying fox, soccer, inflatable water sports park also available here. Relaxing with your loved ones here, get fun, and enjoying nature are the best things to do here. You can also catch the sunset here at the beach. What a complete trip!

2. Ranoh Island

Ranoh Island is a small island located south of Batam. It is near to Abang Island, a spot known for snorkeling. Ranoh Island also an excellent choice if you are looking for a place for corporate team building or family gathering. To get here, it takes only around 20 minutes from the sixth bridge.

Pristine white beach, turquoise sea, and swaying coconut trees will be welcoming when you arrived. You can enjoy the water sports here such as banana boat ride, kayak, water park, flying fish, and many more. A beach and tropical getaway far from the crowds!

3. Sense Coffee and Pool

A café that has its full-sized pool? Sense Coffee and Pool will answer the question. A unique yet aesthetic place for your Instagram feeds with amazing pocket-friendly foods.

The place is spacious with an extended outdoor area and a swimming pool. It is free for customers if you would like to swim. Therefore, unique plain backdrops throughout the entire outdoor area of the café is good for a picture. Come here now!

4. Lees Café and Bar

A café with tons of teddy bears? Come to this unique and viral café. You will found teddy bears everywhere. On the walls, on the tables, on the chairs, and many more.

This café serves western and Korean foods. Don’t forget to take a picture when you came here. The picture will suitable for your Instagram feeds. It will be worthed-it!

5. Turi Beach

Immerse yourself in the Indonesian boutique paradise that is Turi Beach Resort and explore the beauty of nature. If you are looking for a total relaxation or interested to try water sports, Turi Beach Resort has what it takes to accommodate your needs.

This resort is surrounded with an environment full of tropical plants such as coconut trees. This is your idyllic retreat in Batam island.

6. Telaga Bidadari Waterfall

A waterfall in the middle of industrial park? Telaga Bidadari is the answer. Located in the forested areas of Muka Kuning. The journey until reach the waterfall is around 90 minutes by walk with a challenging forest trail.

In the middle of the journey, you will cross through a bridges from a tree trunks on top of the large swamps area. Althought it is a low height waterfall, it is still well a natural destination in Batam and well-maintained.

7. Batam Cable Ski Park

One of the most popular water sports among the locals and foreign is Cable Ski. Batam Cable Ski Park is located at Marina Waterfront City. If you stay at the center of Batam Island, it will only take around 30 minutes to get here.

Get pulled across the huge lake at a high speed by a metal cable and other safety equipment will be fun. The ski park looked good and well-maintained with outdoor loungers for suntanning or rest. Come on, lets enjoy the fun ride!

8. Xoleil Spa Village

If you visited Batam, don’t miss out Xoleil Spa Village. A new concept of Spa with a lot of services and activities. Swimming pool, cooking class, urban farm, glass sanctuary, gym, salon, and many more are available here.

The location is also highly accessible, only five minutes from Batam Center. What are you waiting for? Come here now to enjoy the relaxation in a luxurious spa.

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