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Where to Eat in Bintan

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The best travels are shaped by the food you eat along the way. After all, the culinary delights of any destination reveal much about its cultural backdrop and heritage. When at Bintan, diners will be truly spoilt for choice as the island offers a rich selection of cuisines influenced by Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. Here are some yummy food hideouts that you should hunt down!

1. Warung Yeah!

Situated near Plaza Lagoi and Lagoi Beach, Warung Yeah! is one of the island’s best rated eateries, for its line up of traditional and updated Indonesian delights. Offering from the classic Indonesian Nasi Goreng to other popular dishes such as Beef Rendang, Ayam Penyet, and their spins on the always-addictive Fried Indomie.

Located on the main strip of touristy Lagoi Bay, this restaurant is the go-to place to hang out after a quick stroll on the beach. You can also take a quick break from the afternoon heat afternoon exploring the Lagoi beach.

2. Kelong Seafood Restaurant

When in Bintan, at least one seafood feast is essential. Floating above the water on stilts, The Kelong Seafood Restaurant in Nirwana Gardens is perfect for all kinds of fresh, locally-caught seafood from the freshest of fishes, scrumptious black pepper crab to Bintan’s famous sea snail (gonggong).

Also not to forget to test the refreshing coconut mocktail, Bintan’s specialty drink. Offering al fresco dining with a sea view and ocean breeze, this restaurant is especially popular during sunset hours.

3. Spice Restaurant

Part of the renowned Mayang Sari Beach Resort of Nirwana Gardens, this restaurant brings Indonesian and continental cuisine to one of Bintan Island’s most prime seaside locations.

One of the main offerings at Spice is its Indian-Malaysian cuisine, such as an assortment of curries including spiced fish curry and chicken tandoori to favourite Indian desserts such as exotically flavoured ice creams added with a hint of spices. You’ll also find the notoriously spicy but delicious cuisines of other Asian destinations, including Bali’s own famous ayam betutu slow-roast chicken.


If you’re staying at either The Canopi or The Anmon, save a dinner for their DIY BBQ to complete your glamping experience. The staff will set up a barbeque pit right next to your tent’s patio, and deliver the ingredients right to your doorstep!

You’ll order per pax and portions are fairly generous. Get cozy and dine while looking at the stars above – the perfect way to end the night after a full day of activities.

5. Pujasera Lagoi

For something more budgety and down-to-earth, you can explore the pujasera. The food are served in hawker style. But let’s not underestimate the quality and variety of food served. You might just be amazed by how delicious it is compared to the price paid.

From crispy egg-topped Mie Goreng to Nasi Campur loaded with tempeh, veggies and rendang, you’ll definitely find something to fill you up without putting much of a dent in your wallet.

6. Pizza Casa Italia

Hidden along the long stretch of Trikora Coast lies an unlikely and unique dining spot – a traditional Italian family-run pizzeria, Pizza Casa Italia, serving pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven flown in from Italy.

The appearance of this humble shack on the coastline of Trikora Beach doesn’t do justice to its stellar reputation among tourists. It’s not often you find authentic pizza in a random nook on a tropical island. This restaurant is praised for its tasty thin crust pies and fresh, generous toppings.

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